Traffic Exchange service

Service provide opportunity to get free user visits with traffic exchange widget integration on the website
For media agencies, online magazine, blogs, news websites, we prompt Traffic Exchange service.
It's simple iframe integration on any approved website allows getting free target visitors from relevant sources. Traffic Exchange service offers next advantages:
  • Get a new unique audience, which can give an increase of up to 40%
  • Draw additional attention to exclusive editorial content
  • The rapid dissemination of news and event information
  • Promote new media formats in a highly competitive niche
  • Get more traffic to native content
  • Reduce the cost of attracting an audience

The unique offer for using our Traffic Exchange service.

We send more visitors from our network than you send us. It's possible because we have own growing audience, work with advertising networks, buy traffic on tech vertical from other media websites. Default rewards ratio: 1.5. For each 2 user clicks from you we return 3 visitor clicks to your website.
More widget clicks, more reward ratio:
  1. 1.
    >100 total widget clicks/day during 1 week: rewards ratio will up to 1.7
  2. 2.
    >1 000 total widget clicks/day during 1 week: rewards ration will up to 2
  3. 3.
    >10 000 total widget clicks/day during 1 week: rewards ration will up to 3
Register to growing audience with Traffic Exchange service via link.​
Widgets clicks start calculates again every day at 00:00 UTC.
If you have more than one website, we calculate clicks from all widgets for all websites in your dashboards. So, webmasters and agencies having many sources of traffic will get more motivation to add more websites to BlocksInform Traffic Exchange service.

How To Start Receiving Visitors with Traffic Exchange service?

  • Register Website with this link
  • Confirm Account with received email link
  • Get snippet code from the widget page and insert it to the website
  • Add the website RSS-feed or any other links to your promote content on the teaser page
  • Wait 24 hours to get first statistic data