You can review our Dashboard Page on the image below.

Top of page contains information cards with summary daily and total stats for your website(-s).

​Top Performance Teasers section:

Tables in section contain Teasers with top CTR for today, week and all time according tab's name.

​Sites section:

Quick review of total stats for sites with total widget clicks, teaser clicks, related widget clicks and total widget impressions. The section contains widget and teaser CTRs also. Link 'View More' to navigate to the sites.

Summary Stats ​section:

Data provided on Charts lets view daily stats for last 30 days. 'Clicks' tab contains bars with widgets/teasers clicks as well as related widget clicks too. 'CTRs' tab shows lines with Widget CTR, Teaser CTR and Rewards Rate (Teaser click/Widget clicks). On 'Views' tabs you can see 2 lines with Widget and Teasers Impressions.

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