​Sites page contains table with all websites under your manage.

Column Widgets shows total count of widgets. To review you need click button 'View Widgets'.

Column Teasers shows total count of teasers. To review you need click button 'View Teasers'

Add New/Edit Website

You need to fill/edit next fields and save the form:

  1. Type Title of site;

  2. Contact Mail default set with your registration mail. You can change it or add more mails with ',' splitter;

  3. Type Site Url. We accept only HTTPS websites on first-level domains. We don't accept websites created on a subdomain;

  4. If a site have Rss Feeds you can type in Site Rss or Teaser source page field (for many Rss Feeds write ',' after each typed source) if to auto create promotion teasers;

  5. Click checkbox Run Teasers after Approve if needs to will auto start rotation teasers after moderation, otherwise all teasers for site will set to Pause state;

  6. Click Save button.

Site is Part of Pack checkbox have value if you will add more one site.

If checkbox set all your websites added to BlocksInfrom and seted as Part of Pack will define in network as one pack (one site).

It's mean next:

  1. Widgets for websites in pack defines as widgets for one pack;

  2. Teasers for websites in pack defines as teasers for one pack;

Other words if you have many websites and want to use our services for each separate, just skip checkbox Site is Part of Pack. And if you will define your websites in our network as one for any your case set this checkox to check state.

Feel you free to ask more with [email protected]

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